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Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Eliminate costly damage and dangerous conditions caused by snow and ice build up on your roof.

Prevent Ice Dams

Extend the life of any roof and protect your house from dangerous and expensive ice dams


Low-voltage Roof De-icing Mat

Snow Melt Roof Mat.JPG
  • Self-regulating

  • Safe low-voltage 

  • Easily cut on site

  • 10 year warranty

  • Safely installed under most roofing materials, including metal

  • Easy installation

  • 3/64 inches thick (1.2mm)

Self-regulating Cable

Self Regulating Cable 3.JPG
  • 120/208/240/480 Volts

  • 16 AWG

  • 10 year warranty

Constant-wattage Cable

Roof Overhang Heat 2.JPG
  • Eliminate the formation of ice dams with self-regulating or constant wattage cable

  • Easy installation on top of any roof material

Self Regulating Cable 2.JPG
  • Inexpensive and easy DIY Installation

  • 5 watt and 7 watt options

  • 3 feet to 240 feet length

  • 2 year warranty 

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