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About Us

Green Build Partners, Inc is a family-owned business dedicated to partnering with Landscape Professionals, Engineers, Architects, Builders and Construction Professionals with one primary focus - to provide customized radiant heating solutions.  With over 30 years of expertise in Building, Construction, Sales, Design, and Hardscaping; the staff at Green Build Partners, Inc are dedicated to providing the outstanding service that you expect and deserve.


Our Company is built on a solid foundation of primary core values which shape our activity every day, in everything that we do.  We are firmly committed to operating our company, now and in the future, on these core principles:

  • Trust

  • Personal and Professional Integrity

  • Honesty in everything that we do

  • Passion for our products, mission and vision

  • Accountability for our actions

Kevin Jones Portrait.jpg

Kevin Jones

Founder & CEO

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